Game Fee

$10.00 must be paid before taking the court.

Each player is required to have VNA by the 1st game of the competition. Senior $76.00 Junior $ 53.00 Single Game Voucher $10.00

Mixed Competitions

Players must be 15 years at the beginning of the season. There must be at least 2 males to take the court with a maximum of 3, you must have equal or more females. Males are to be in each third e.g.: GS/GA or WA/C/WD or GD/GK. Must play 4 games during the season to qualify to play in the finals.


Thursday Competition

Players must be 12 years at the beginning of the season. A player shall not play in more than one team on the same night. All finals players must have played 4 games prior to finals starting. Teams responsibility to confirm with supervisor / score secretary on how many games a player has played. Payment of $70.00 a game must be handed to the supervisor before the game starts.


Registration & Clearances

Multiple teams within a club – players may transfer within teams or sections. Once a player has played 3 games with a team she / he cannot change out of the team for the rest of the season.

Clearances – A player is required to obtain a clearance if moving from team to team. Only 1 clearance per season is allowed.



Wednesday/Thursday Teams have 3 weeks to get uniforms in order, Bodysuits or T-Shirt / Skirt of a modest length, Black Bum-huggers or Boyleg (NO LONGER THEN THE SKIRT) are permitted. You must supply your own bibs or you can hire them for $2.00

Mixed males must wear shorts with NO POCKETS!! Tapping up pockets will not be allowed!  



Must be cut short or is can be taped with SKIN COLOUR tape only. Gloves are permitted only if a medical certificate is supplied.



A team giving a walkover must notify the stadium supervisor prior to the game. Team giving a walkover will pay a fine of $70.00 prior to taking the court for the next game.


Risk Management

All injuries should be reported to the stadium supervisor to be documented.